It’s An Honor to Be A SquidAngel!

I'm a SquidAngel!

It is such an honor that I have been accepted as a SquidAngel! I have been having a grand time being a Squidoo lensmaster since I joined the site towards the end of July this year. I have given a lot of time and effort too in creating the many lenses that I now have in my name — a total of 69 lenses with a few more in the works.

I know that I have grown much in such a short time. That’s also due to the inspiration that I get from other Squidoo lensmasters. For me, it’s fun being able to create lenses in a variety of topics. I do know that I would need to find my own niche in order to be more successful and more recognized as an expert in any field. Moreover, I feel that now I’m ready to give back to others for all the many blessings I have also received from fellow Squidoo lensmasters, esp. the many SquidAngels who have blessed and continue to bless several of my lenses. 😀

This post is actually a few days late as I became a SquidAngel last 6th December 2012. However, I had to wait a day till I can actually go out and bless other lenses as I needed to be “activated.” Right now, I’m planning on putting together a monthly SquidAngel blessing lens, starting with my December blessings. Since it’s Hanukkah and Christmas seasons, I would be focusing on these themed lenses for the month of December 2012. Watch out for more updates soon!

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