Happy New Year 2013!


Happy New Year! Welcome 2013! The year is off to a busy start. Holidays are over! I must admit that it is a bit tough getting back on track. But there are goals to set and Squidoo lenses that need to be done. 🙂 Yes, life does go on.

I still wonder what 2013 has in store for me. I hope that it will be a pretty good year with more blessings of joy, peace, prosperity, and good health. May you enjoy the same thing! 😀

I also just realized that December just passed. Now that it’s a new month, I will also need to create a new SquidAngel Blessings lens for January. I better write that down so I won’t miss it. I do need to get busy!

I now have 74 Squidoo lenses. My next goal is to hit 100 so that I can try and move up the ladder. Plus, I would need to come up with more evergreen topics. It’s a bit tough on traffic when your selection focuses on seasonal topics. So that’s it for now! Have a great celebration! I hope that you’re spending quality time with your family and loved ones!

Till next time… Ta-tah! Happy New Year 2013!


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