Earning Money on Squidoo

So there I was doing some spring cleaning of my files on this borrowed notebook, then I noticed two screen caps that I have made from previous months on my first two months of earnings on Squidoo. So can you actually earn from Squidoo? Yes, you can. That’s my simple answer. But it’s not going to be a lot overnight. Sure, there are lots of success stories on Squidoo and various other writing sites. But I personally have yet to reach that stage.

Anyway, if you’re wondering what earning would be like on Squidoo, here are the two screen caps that I’m sharing.

August earning

September earning

If you’re new to Squidoo and are wondering when you’ll get paid, it’s usually two months after you have lenses that generate enough traffic. I have shared on my previous post about the tier structure that gets your lenses on the payment radar on Squidoo. I’m lucky to have had earnings even on my first two months as a member.

There are a few changes taking place on Squidoo right now. I work hard on my lenses so I hope that I continue to earn despite these changes. Most of my lenses are highly personalized. Sometimes, that’s a good thing. At other times, that’s not. Like I previously mentioned, some of the lenses that earned more for me were not necessarily the ones with the highest traffic. They were however more focused on certain topics like my Roswell lens.

Personally, I would suggest to have a niche topic on which to write. That way your lenses are more targeted to a specific group of people. I couldn’t say that I have good mastery on a certain niche so I go by Squidoo quests and see which ones I could contribute to. So at this point, I’d say I’m a work in progress as far as writing on Squidoo is concerned. But that’s okay as learning is a lifelong process. I’m just glad to be working on improving my skills on a day to day basis.

Before I wrap up, I invite you to visit my profile on Squidoo : iamraincrystal on Squidoo. Do visit my lenses. I have now published 87 of them as of this writing. See you there! 🙂


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