Changes on Squidoo


Image: Some rights reserved by bitesizeinspiration, via Flickr Commons

I’ve heard time and again that “change is the only thing that is permanent in life.” I suppose being on Squidoo is not any different. I have not been on the site for a year at this time but have seen a number of changes already. I guess that change can be good as well. It does bring about activity. In my case, I’m now working on updating all my 89 lenses at this point. Yeah, I guess change can be good indeed.

I’m going to miss being a Squid Angel as the program is going to be scrapped too. But I’m also a Rocket Squid Greeter and would need to work double time on catching up with the loads of new lenses each week. Plus, I would need to find more inspiration for coming up with new lenses. I do intend to work on reaching my current goal of 100 lenses at least. That’s still on my to-do list. A day at a time… time flies by too fast.

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