Will I Miss Squidoo?


Well, maybe not! But I will miss the earnings for sure. After all, I recently got paid around $9. Yup! That’s from my holiday lenses too. And to think I haven’t really edited much since my last two lenses were locked and then deleted! Arrrghhh! That’s my sentiment aptly shown by the meme above.

Well, I just recently got 19 more lenses locked! OMG! So I just downloaded them first and will need to decide how and where to rewrite them on. It would be great to update them indeed! I would like to believe they’re pretty well written. But heck, when you’re writing on some platform, you’re at their mercy huh? I guess I will need to move them somewhere else where they will be better appreciated. Like perhaps on this blog… since it’s self-hosted. Or maybe have another blogspot or tumblr site dedicated to my locked lenses. LOL! Now that would be extreme!

Hey, I’m just online as I would need the additional income. Freelance tutorial gets to be seasonal at times. Summer months are not too enjoyable as I would need to have income too. Oh well, it’s best to be prepared. My success story is still being written. So until then, keep coming back for more updates on here and my other sites! See you around!


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