Good-bye, Squidoo

I enjoyed writing and posting lenses on Squidoo. At least that’s true until almost a year ago. I suppose the only thing that is permanent in life is change itself. I just learned that Squidoo will be closing soon. It’s sort of merging with HubPages, another site wherein I have also published some hubs.

Too bad really. Squidoo was a fun site. It has also added to a lot of my knowledge in writing and posting articles online. But I do have my own websites that I should work on more often.

There’s one other thing I would miss on Squidoo aside from the monthly earnings… my awards! Yup, those cute little badges that get added to your profile page when you’ve reached a milestone. They’re so much cuter than the ones on HubPages. To remember them, I made screenshots that I will post here so I would still enjoy looking back…

Squidoo, awards, badges

Squidoo, awards, badges

65 badges in all. Aren’t they awesome? I loved earning them. Now, I’ve signed up to transfer my lenses to HubPages. It’s all wait and see for now. I sure would love to get back to writing. I just have too much going on in my head right now to focus. But I know I will get there soon…

Till next update.. for now, good-bye, Squidoo… you will be missed!

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