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I intended this site to just be all about me. Then in July 2012 I discovered Squidoo. Actually, I’ve known about the site even before that time, but I didn’t join right away. I knew someone who signed up for it with the intention of building backlinks to his main site.

So here I am, a few weeks after I’ve joined Squidoo. There’s so much that need to be learned. I’ve read from a few oldies that Squidoo earns them as much as $1000 a month! It may mean little to them… but from where I am, that means a lot! Totally!

So is that my main goal too? Yes and no. I must admit that since I’ve joined Squidoo, I’m a bit hooked on creating lenses. (On Squidoo, each article or post is called a lens.) Almost each day, you will find what can be called a Squidoo quest. Sometimes, you just need to look for certain themed lenses and at other times, you need to create those themed lenses.

So what do you get from Squidoo quests? Well, you earn points. These points accumulate and you get to level up. I think the Squidoo Team just put those in place to encourage more active participation from Squidoo members. Your level or points don’t have much to do with how much income is generated by your lenses.

Today I’ve decided to start a lensblography. A what, you say? Well, I’m giving credit to fellow lensmaster Greekgeek for coining the term. A lensblography is a blog about your Squidoo lenses. In a way, it’s also a good way of creating more content as well as backlink to your Squidoo lens.

Will it earn you more income from your lenses? Probably yes or probably not. I’m too new at this time to fully understand how one gets paid over at Squidoo. But based on what I’ve read, your income depends on the traffic generated by your Squidoo lenses. That means, the more you write about informative and helpful lenses (how-to’s, recipes, sharing tips, giving advice, etc.), the more chances you will have that your Squidoo lenses would be “evergreen.” That would mean they won’t ever go out of style.

It’s a bit too early for me to share some tips of my own. Give me a few more weeks or months. I will post some updates on whether my own experimentations worked or not. Remember, I’m tweaking and adapting as I go along.

In my next post, I will start sharing my Squidoo lenses with a little look at the behind the scenes from each post, mainly on why I chose the topic, how I put together my lens, what my style or technique is in putting it together, and perhaps some more helpful insights.

If you wish, here’s a sneak peek at my Squidoo lensmaster profile. My lenses are all listed at the bottom. Feel free to visit and share with me a comment or two. I’d love to hear from you.

Squidoo lensmaster iamraincrystal

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