How I Came To Own Winning Solos Text Ad Exchange : A Lensblography

This is my very first lens at Squidoo. I wrote it because the topic is close to my heart.

What’s This Lens About?

This is my story on how I started on my online earning journey. It is an ongoing journey and the story doesn’t have an ending yet.

I tell something about my text ad exchange site, Winning Solos Text Ad Exchange. I also mentioned how I came to own the site. Plus, if you’re new to online marketing, you may want to read my story. Perhaps you can learn a thing or two on how not to make money online.


It was during my dad’s funeral when a few of my graduate studies classmates went to visit. It was then when I learned about online earning opportunities. Apparently, my friend Jaye knew someone who made a living from writing reviews of restaurants, a food critic. I thought then, “Wow! What a way to earn a living.”

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 What I Learned Making This Lens

Since this was my first lens, I didn’t know as much as I do about how to go about creating a lens at Squidoo. I wasn’t familiar with all the modules then. I had to spend quite a lot of time learning the site. I went on visiting and commenting in other people’s lenses. I not only get to absorb lots of ideas and concepts, but I also get to learn how to create an effective lens. Plus, doing so also gets me views to my own lenses.

In my eagerness to learn more about Squidooing, I signed up for RocketSquids bootcamp. It’s like free SquidU to help you reach at least 25 lenses. I’m thankful that I signed up because I have been learning a lot day by day. Plus, one of the things I love about Squidoo is that there are daily quests. Sometimes I get 2 or 3 all together. At those times, I get a bit worked up. The main reason is my mind gets to do lots of thinking. Like now. But I digress from my story.

Anyway, this lens has been improved and it will continue to be improved until perhaps I have reached my goal for Winning Solos T.A.E. I do want to have a happy ending, so I will start manifesting that right now. Watch out for more of my featured lenses.

What I Didn’t Learn Making This Lens

While making this lens, I didn’t learn how to write an enticing lens for Squidoo. After all, we all have to achieve a sense of balance. Content is king, but some form of monetary compensation must also be achieved. So from here on, I’m applying some of these learnings. It is my hope that you will find an improvement in my future works.

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