Roswell TV Series : A Lensblography

This is my first Sci Fi theme lens. I admit that I wrote it to fulfill a ‘Squid-Zone’ Quest over at Squidoo. I’m not really a sci-fi type of person, although I have watched quite a few films in this genre. But the topic that I wrote about is quite close to my heart. It’s one of my most favorite TV series of all time — Roswell (TV Series).

What’s This Lens About?

This lens is about one of my most favorite sci-fi series on TV. Too bad it only lasted for three seasons! But boy, did I love the show! ^_^ I haven’t seen anything quite like it yet. True, the theme may be one of star-crossed lovers — ‘coz they were of different breeds — hey, didn’t I watch that before? Nope, this one isn’t about vampires or werewolves. It’s bigger than that! It’s about an alien — not as in the foreign kind, but the extra-terrestrial one — and a human girl. Ahh, memories of Max and Liz and how I fell in love with their love story.


I’m not exactly a fan of science fiction books,TV shows, or movies, but I do remember being a fan of the Roswell TV Series several years back. I used to allot some time to watch the show. I made it a point not to miss it because I really liked the tandem of Max Evans and Liz Parker.

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To date, I can’t think of a related lens. But that may change in the near future. I just might think of coming up with an alien theme party or the like. LOL! ^_^ (Note: Watch out for updates in this section!)

What I Learned Making This Lens

Well, for one, I learned about the other books that were published in relation to the Roswell TV series. I don’t believe that I ever saw those books here locally. But at least, they’re available at Amazon! Plus, I’ve learned that there were even memorabilia of the defunct TV show that are being sold at Amazon too! And you can even watch the series on Amazon Instant Video.. awesome!

I’ve also learned that despite the years that went by since the last episode was aired, my liking for Roswell TV Series has not diminished. It’s still memorable for me. Just remembering the love story of Max and Liz sends me back down memory lane. Now, I wish I could buy a DVD set locally of the TV show. It’s one of those stuff that I’d want to have and to cherish.

What I Didn’t Learn Making This Lens

Well, I didn’t learn what happened to the supposed movie tie-in of the Roswell TV Series. I suppose when people think of alien movies, they want horrid action scenes. This one’s a love story, so it might not sell all that well.

I’ve learned to use the Sci Fi lens for the first time, but I’m not sure if that makes this Roswell TV Series lens saleable, so to speak. I have yet to discover what makes for a $1000 monthly income at Squidoo. I have a long, long way to go, that’s for sure!

Well, here’s to another edition of my lensblography. Watch out for the next one! Till next time.. ta-tah! 😀

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