Basic Supplies Every Student Needs at Home : A Lensblography

For the back to school challenge, I prepared this lens as I believe that each and every household should have this list. That way, you and your school age child should not have to worry about needing some school supplies only to find out that you don’t have them on hand.

What’s This Lens About?

This lens is about a list that I have kept with me for years end. To this day, it is highly important and useful. You don’t want the added stress of needing some supplies and not having them on hand.

School can be stressful for your young one, but make it less stressful by having school supplies that you need on hand.


Have you ever felt the feeling of panic when you need some school supplies and found out that you’ve run out, just when all the stores have closed? I’m pretty sure that’s not a nice feeling. You can avoid the “I-need-it-when-I-don’t-have-it” syndrome by planning ahead.

Read it here.

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At this time, this is the only back to school lens that I have. But the list may expand as I go along. I also plan to eventually organize all my lenses and pick my niche.

What I Learned Making This Lens

I learned that sometimes the basics are constant in life. True, times change and seasons pass. In this case though, my school supplies list is still applicable, even if it needed a little bit of updating.

Another thing I’ve realized is being organized actually helps relieve some stress. Doing homework and reports is a breeze when you have what you need on hand.

What I Didn’t Learn Making This Lens

To date, I haven’t as yet learned how to maximize earning on my Squidoo lenses. I also learned that some lenses such as this one are rather seasonal, so I should find a way to make the lens relevant for all occasions. Web traffic is extremely necessary as it is crucial to all who work online.

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