How We Care for Our Guinea Pigs: A Lensblography

After 36 lenses, I finally received a purple star for one of my lenses. This one is my second lens at Squidoo. I wanted then to document our pets, Gin and Nea, so I told their story via a Squidoo lens.

What’s This Lens About?

My daughter has always wanted to own a pet or two. This time it’s about our guinea pigs, Gin and Nea. She brought them home before Christmas last year. Read more here.


Our guinea pigs

Nea up front; Gin in the background

Related Lenses

As of this writing, I have yet to write more pet related lenses.

What I Learned Making This Lens

I learned that each lens that you work on can be something that you build on till you get your desired results. I also learned the importance of keeping your lenses updated. This was my second lens and I have since created lots more after it, but I did go back a few times to make some additions. I’m still planning on more improvements for this lens.

What I Didn’t Learn Making This Lens

At the time I made this lens, I had to learn lots more from using Squidoo. Naturally, I didn’t learn all that I know now from writing my first few lenses. I’ve still a long way to go, and so I treat each day as a brand new learning day. 😀

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