I'm a mom, daughter, and an Internet marketer from Manila, Philippines. I love to read & write & surf all the time. Mid of 2010 I discovered that I can actually make money online through Internet marketing, blogging, advertising, etc. I'm now on a mission to work from home on a full-time basis.

Good-bye, Squidoo

I enjoyed writing and posting lenses on Squidoo. At least that’s true until almost a year ago. I suppose the only thing that is permanent in life is change itself. I just learned that Squidoo will be closing soon. It’s sort of merging with HubPages, another site wherein I have … Continue reading

Will I Miss Squidoo?

Well, maybe not! But I will miss the earnings for sure. After all, I recently got paid around $9. Yup! That’s from my holiday lenses too. And to think I haven’t really edited much since my last two lenses were locked and then deleted! Arrrghhh! That’s my sentiment aptly shown … Continue reading