I'm a mom, daughter, and an Internet marketer from Manila, Philippines. I love to read & write & surf all the time. Mid of 2010 I discovered that I can actually make money online through Internet marketing, blogging, advertising, etc. I'm now on a mission to work from home on a full-time basis.

Changes on Squidoo

Image: Some rights reserved by bitesizeinspiration, via Flickr Commons I’ve heard time and again that “change is the only thing that is permanent in life.” I suppose being on Squidoo is not any different. I have not been on the site for a year at this time but have seen … Continue reading

Earning Money on Squidoo

So there I was doing some spring cleaning of my files on this borrowed notebook, then I noticed two screen caps that I have made from previous months on my first two months of earnings on Squidoo. So can you actually earn from Squidoo? Yes, you can. That’s my simple … Continue reading

Happy New Year 2013!

http://www.satisfaction.com Happy New Year! Welcome 2013! The year is off to a busy start. Holidays are over! I must admit that it is a bit tough getting back on track. But there are goals to set and Squidoo lenses that need to be done. 🙂 Yes, life does go on. … Continue reading

Merry Christmas World!

Graphics & Comments By now, most of the world has celebrated Christmas! 😀 As you know, Christmas time is a busy time, esp. for those who are preparing Christmas dinner. Ours is really simple. We’re all quite content with Mom’s homemade spaghetti. In fact, it’s something we look forward to … Continue reading